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Hello. I will be starting commissions soon. It will be quite pricey but with the price, I can guarantee a more quality work. I hope to make enough money to buy myself a cintiq hd13 tablet which cost around 1000$. I was hoping to be able to place top 3 in the wind rises contest and use the prize money for the tablet, however, with the amount of amazing entries that I've seen I know that won't be happening. 

Anyways, for the price range, clean lineart sketches will be around 20$ while full digital painting around 70-80$. The reason why the prices are so high is because of the amount of time, research, and energy I need to put in order to produce an illustration. The price will disregard whether the piece is full body or not simply because the amount of details and time put into the piece will be the same regardless. I will also have other cheaper options for digital painting that won't take as much time (these will have simpler shadings) priced around 40$. I realize that I am not worth the price I've set for my illustrations and drawings but I hope that you'll see it as an investment into the future as I will still strive to get better at what I love to do regardless of commissions or not. The money will just help catalyze and speed the process faster as it will help fund my art supplies (like the cintiq or softwares/programs). 

I plan to give out more detailed info on my commissions in the future. This is just a preview for those that may be interested in commissioning. If you have any questions feel free to comment or note me. Thank you.

3/22/2014 OFFLINE
doing requests and other random doodles! if you have any requests comment here>>>…

GAH, I just realized I deleted my requests journal! So here's another requests journal [part 2]. I know I said I would try to do couple every week but I got quite busy with studying. I'll try to do more of them and stream them too. Anyways, comment below for you requests. Sorry to those who have to redo the requests. 

Rules: No nudes (but sexy stuff totally fine :3)

Can't guarantee yours will be drawn since I will be picking whatever interests me. Remember, I'm not looking for a picasso here. Don't worry about your ability and skills to draw. Also, even if I skip yours I may find it interesting later :]

Hi guys. I will be posting some of the sketches that are less finished and works in progress on twitter, tumblr, facebook.

*edit: added tumblr
**edit: added facebook